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Monday, December 23, 2013

Too Short to Clean

There goes my life.

Someone was probably praised for this little mass-mail marketing gem, but it hit me like a lump of coal.

My whole life IS cleaning my house. Mostly. Okay, a good portion of time is spent thinking about cleaning my house and procrastinating cleaning my house, but that counts, right?

Did they even consider how this advertising campaign might impact the local OCD population?

Of course they didn't, and the reason is obvious.

What kind of self-respecting OCD person would ever invite someone else to clean her home?

Imagine the hours of pre-cleaning and organizing that would have to happen weekly, just to prepare the home for the hired cleaning crew. 

There's no way I'd ever patronize their services.

The only lasting damage from receiving this mailer has proven to be the compulsive worrying-- if life is too short to clean my own home, what else should I be doing? What things worth living for have been sacrificed at the expense of a self-cleaned home?

Thanks, Cleaning Authority, for giving me one more thing to obsess about.

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