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Monday, December 16, 2013

Track Suit

It was Saturday morning, and Russ was having a wardrobe conflict. He asked if he'd be more likely to spend the day up on the roof cleaning out the gutters or going out shopping.

How should I know?

"You have more clothes than anyone I've ever met. More clothes than the whole family combined. Don't you have anything between suit-and-tie and paint-splattered-and-torn?" (That maybe-- just maybe --doesn't feature superhero graphics?!)

He emerged from the closet. "How about this? How do I look?"

I had to be honest."Like you just stepped out of an episode of The Sopranos."

Because he did. He really did. Just like Paulie Walnuts, but younger and without hair.

Woke up this morning
Put your tracksuit on...

He was not amused by my parody, and it wasn't [only] because of my singing and beatboxing.

I found this image of Paulie Walnuts here.
(Goodness knows where that guy found it, though!)

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