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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Nicest Bathroom Ever

Notice I didn't say "cleanest" bathroom ever.
In fact, the first trip to the restroom was almost traumatizing.

This was not the floor. It was the wall.
Let's try not to think about the logistics.

I tried to tell myself it was installation art.
This was Denton, after all.

Later in the evening, the second trip was a pleasant surprise. The stall I'd been avoiding (for obvious reasons) proved to be the kinder of the two.

A bathroom door surrounded by glass bricks!
You'd avoid it too, right?

I'm glad I took the chance and went in. (Desperation may have played a role in this decision!) 

I have never seen such supportive and encouraging graffiti in all my born days.

Consider the forethought of this one-- someone planned ahead and brought a sharpie AND found a smooth surface.
So wise.

In addition to the affirmations, the walls offered universal truths.

Even the toilet paper was covered in love!

Admittedly, I was in there for an excessive amount of time trying to photograph all this beauty. 

I reasoned that anyone waiting in line didn't have to wonder what I up to, though. If they were that curious, all they had to do was peek through the glass wall!

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