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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Of Mice and Meth

"I'd say it's a bargain at twice the price," proclaimed Russ about his deal of the day. It really was. The toaster oven from the neighborhood CVS pharmacy was on clearance for $7.50.

Toaster ovens have been a source of intrigue for years, but I refused to pay those towering Amazon prices. And the Goodwill ones, well, those were just oogey.

"It's odd that you wouldn't consider the options at Goodwill," Russ mused. "You've bought other household stuff there without a problem."

"Lamps, Russ. I've bought lamps. At no point would the lamp touch anything I intended to put on my tongue."

His surrender was swift. "I guess that makes sense," he said. "Especially since the original owners could've cooked all kinds of awful things in it."

"Awful things," I concurred. "Gluten-y things."

"Or mice," I added.
"Or meth," he said at the exact same time.
"Mice?" he chided.
"Meth?" I scoffed.

Sometimes he is so impractical.