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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fair Pay

You'll never hear me complain about the exorbitant income of celebrities, rock stars, and pro athletes.

I think they deserve every penny they earn.

Autographing is harder than it looks. Ever had to sign a stack of documents?

After six or seven times in a row of writing my own name, I start to make mistakes. They look like spelling errors, but I think the culprit is a combination of hand-fatigue and brain-stray.

You couldn't pay me enough to sign on for an entire career of that.

But the bigger reason--the biggest reason--is the sacrifices they must make.

Having a job in the public eye usually requires a good deal of time away from home. What might they miss?

First words, first steps, and that first magical visit from the tooth fairy. Little league games. Home-cooked meals. Hugs. Sunrises and sunsets. Autumn leaves. Quiet nights. Stars in the sky.



If someone offered to trade money for those memories-- those luxuries-- at what price would you be willing to permanently part with them?

I wouldn't do it.
I couldn't do it.
Not for a million, trillion dollars.

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