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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Progress Report: April

Which is more challenging? 5k per day or a month of A-through-Z daily blogging?

For me, it was the gym. Stupid 5k plan.

When I began Heidi’s blogging challenge on April 5, the manuscript I’d been working on for the previous seven months was 33 pages in length. It is now 106 pages long. THAT is progress.

I didn’t hate it. I loved it. I loved the writing, even though it took the better portion of the morning and the better portion of my pride to bare my soul.

But the gym.

I’ve done… let’s see… 19 days times 5k… So, 95k in the last 27 days, and I have only hated 85k of it. (Remember, K is FAR superior to miles.)

Ninety-five kilometers and I have not lost one single pound.
Not. One.
Ninety-five kilometers and my pants do not fit any better than they did before.

There are a few more weekdays in April, yes, but who cares? If results haven’t happened by now, they won’t by the 30th.

So, there’s that.

But it did feel good to have a commitment each day. A goal. A dream. A purpose. So maybe I will continue, if only to beat my own record. Day 1 was 41:22. Yesterday was 35:09. Could I do better? Could I do it in… 33:00 by the end of next month?

It’s worth a try.

And the writing—could Heidi and I do it again?
I bet we could.

We’ve already talked about options: A-Z in 30 days? 26 letters in 26 days, and to heck with the order of the letters? We’ll figure something out. Stay tuned for May 1. We’ll bring it.

Anya gave me a big baggie of lemon drops at the library this morning.

“Congratulations!” she said,”You did it!”
Did what?
“You made it to Z! Great job!”

I mattered. Someone cared.
I can do this.
I will do this.

Stay tuned!

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