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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Last Wednesday, whilst leaving the library with my mind swirling from fresh new math knowledge bestowed upon me by my amazing tutor, my thoughts were interrupted by a fellow in the parking lot.

"Good morning! Please remember to vote!" the man announced cheerfully, as he wrestled his folding chair from its protective tote-case. 

This guy was definitely putting the "camp" in campaign.

Remember to vote? Vote for what? Vote for whom? Oh, good grief, I thought with a sinking feeling, is it November again? Dang it!

It didn't seem mathematically possible, though, since we'd only just passed Valentine's Day.

"Buddy," I wanted to say, "I can barely remember the quadratic equation. I can barely remember to zip the fly on my pants in the morning. In fact, I recently forgot to comb my hair before going to the grocery store, so I'm sorry, but voting is at the very, very bottom of things I'm hoping to remember today."

But he was so sincere and so enthusiastic that I just couldn't tell him the truth.

So I smiled and nodded and just kept walking toward the car.

I hope somebody remembered to vote for something last Wednesday, if only so that poor guy didn't feel like he'd wasted his day.

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