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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Clorox Queen Returns

"The reason I didn't reload the dishwasher today is because of the Clorox wipe situation," I explained to Russ.


"Yes. Didn't I tell you? I asked the kids' art teacher if she might be able to use all those empty ones I've been saving.

"But you know how those containers get when there's extra Clorox juice at the bottom. So I thought I might run them through the dishwasher.

"Then I realized that it probably wouldn't work from a physics standpoint. After all, those containers really are pretty tall, and upside-down, the juice junk would be at the top, so it will probably be better if I just wash them by hand. Or maybe I could use a Clorox wipe..."

"Ugh. That is so you," he said.

"What is so me?" I thought my idea seemed quite reasonable.

"Devising a plan to thoroughly clean a container that held a cleaning product and cleaning fluid."

I wanted to argue with him, but then I remembered this:

These are a few of her favorite things. It took the poor kid until age 4 to realize that her middle initial of "C" stood for Cassidy and not Clorox.

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