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Monday, February 3, 2014

Natural Born Spellers

Take note, Scripps! National Spelling Bee contestants from the Greater Boston Area are at a distinct disadvantage. Anyone East of New York should receive at least one mulligan.

Orthography has always been a strength of mine—one of those things that comes almost effortlessly, like algebra to math teachers. (More on that topic soon!)

Silent letters and exceptions to the rule were vanquished with ease. No word was too long or too intricate.

In fact, the only challenge that existed (and persisted!) was one that is frequently overlooked:


Some words are often heard yet seldom seen in writing, which can be a major problem to those living in a region of our country where the endings of words are often replaced with ‘ah’ or dropped altogether.

A committed speller must be mindful of this and compensate accordingly.

Despite the best intentions, certain words still sneak past.

Now you can understand Russ’s confusion and my embarrassment on the day I sent him a text message asking him to please purchase a new spatuler at the store.

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