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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Handy Winter Advice

If you are an enthusiastic hand-washer, you may find yourself with painful, red, chapped hands in the winter.

But... if you are an enthusiastic hand-washer, you are probably an over-zealous summertime sunscreen-buyer, too.

Leftover "sport" sunscreens make great winter hand-lotions. The water-resistant element creates a barrier between your skin and the hand-washing/hand-drying process.

I've found that if I remember to put sunscreen on my hands in the morning, it will usually lock in the moisture for most of the day. (And I wash my hands a LOT.)

PS- Try to remember not to touch your face or mouth, or you'll be tasting it all day, too. If it keeps happening to you, change brands of sunscreen until you find one that doesn't taste terrible.
Banana Boat? Awful.
Aveeno? Not too bad.

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