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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day Forms

"Could you please sign this?" Hannah asked.

"Sure. What is it?" Russ wasn't being lazy-- he was across the room, and his hands were full.

"Possibly the dumbest thing ever. Listen to this: 'I will be where I am supposed to be, on time and ready to learn. I will do what is right. If I'm not sure, I will ask.' Seriously? When did this become 'Expectations and Guidelines' material? I thought these behaviors were considered 'norms'."

"Guess not, if they had to give you two copies. Speaking of which, do I sign both?"

"No, just one. The other stays here at home for us to reflect upon together throughout the year."

You can't bust a fourteen-year-old for being disrespectful when she is so freaking astute.

How many trees gave their lives so we could be formally notified in duplicate of our societal norms?

Feather your handbaskets, everbody, and hang on with both hands.
Down, down we go.

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