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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Signs of a Problem

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When I began my quest for a remedy of the light-induced migraines, at no time did I anticipate a diagnosis of a visual processing disorder-- a sort of neurological roommate to dyslexia.

But that's where we've landed.

Self-centered as this may sound, I've dismissed a number of billboard and headline peculiarities as errors on the part of the creator/writer. (People these days! Doesn't anyone proofread anymore?!)

It turns out that I am the problem.

One of the solutions we're exploring involves tinted contact lenses. They're not like the traditional colored lenses with their Cheerio-ring of color to alter the hue of the iris. These peepers are tinted at the center; they're designed to filter out the blue spectral rays of light--the troublemakers-- before they can enter my pupil in order to prevent them from reaching my brain.

Isn't that wild?!

The initial week-long trial of "migraine red" filters proved less than ideal, with four of the seven days out in the 'real world' culminating in headaches.

Yesterday, I reported back to the eye doctor, and we've decided to try an amber filter instead. So far, the results are impressive, and the world is technicolor-gorgeous.

It's as if I'm living inside an HD vision blue-blocker sunglasses commercial.

It's only been one day, but I haven't seen any bizarre billboards or headlines yet.
This certainly seems like a good sign.

Here are my miracle-makers. If all goes well, I should be able to re-enter society without going blind!

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