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Friday, March 14, 2014


I spent over 8 hours outside today for the 8th day this week. Every time a plane passed overhead, I thought, "Please don't disappear. Please go safely to your destination."

The tiny thought came naturally and quickly established itself as a habitual (albeit conditional) response, much like saying "gesundheit" when someone sneezes, or "padiddle" when passing a car with only one functioning headlight.

There were a lot of planes passing overhead, so most of the day was spent blessing their travels. To be honest, it was hard to get anything else done.

I couldn't just stop.

I'm not crazy, okay? I realize I wasn't single-handedly protecting their destinies.

Still, what if something happened to one that I could have blessed but didn't?

Despite accomplishing less today than any previous day-- ever-- I am absolutely exhausted.

Could one of you take tomorrow's shift?

Maybe we can take turns, at least until they find the missing Malaysian flight.

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